Protective vehicle coatings

An authorised application centre for protective coatings

We are an authorised and fully certified application centre of excellence for Industrial Polymer Inc. World Wide Network and have many years of experience in applying their maximum strength coating products. IP EPIC provides industry leading high performance and strength (7360 psi tensile strength) protective coatings.

Product information

You can make an informed decision about our spray on liner performance and integrity. Our products are the original and genuine high-quality products invented and manufactured by Industrial Polymers Corporation USA. The products are branded and marketed for the UK and European market only as IP EPIC and IP 1000 due to trademark ownership in the EU.

A one-stop shop

We are able to provide a one stop shop facility for commercial vehicle conversions. Our extensive spray on bed liner activities cover a wide variety of application areas.

As a result of continuous improvement and experience we only use high-quality products ensuring that you receive guaranteed performance, quality and reliability that is second to none. Get in touch with us for more details.

Spray booth

We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality, competitive service within the following areas of activity:
  • Maximum strength spray on protective polymer bedliner coating applications
  • Specialist spray on liners for the protection of classic vehicles
  • On and off road vehicles
  • Strong and tough coatings for military use
  • Emergency services and blue light vehicles
  • Protective coatings for various components
  • Water pole systems and vehicle installations
  • Installation and van preparation for van mount carpet cleaning machines
  • Auto electrical services
  • Extreme linings for heavy professional use
We also provide tow bar fitting.

Walkdens Vehicle Services North West provides protective coatings for vehicles in Bolton and Bury.

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